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Metal Fabrication

      For more than 25 years, Sarka’s craftsmen have satisfied our customers needs. Let us satisfy your needs as we build, deliver and install custom metal fabrication solutions. Whether you are a local, national or international corporation, Sarka can meet the specific needs of your business.

      Let us redesign steps, racks, platforms or any part to update or compliment your existing equipment or apparatus. Delivery, installation and service are all part of the Sarka quality package!

When you have a custom metal fabrication need – Sarka is your number one choice!

You can feel confident in knowing that our fabricators have an average of 15 years of hands on training & experience in building custom solutions.

Whether the solution requires engineering, machining, electrical/controls or assembly, Sarka is your number one choice! Contact Us Today!

You can trust the expertise and craftsmanship that is made in the USA and has been Ohio family owned & operated for more than 25 years!

Our history proves Sarka is the partner you need. Contact us today so we can start helping you for tomorrow!