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The CARHOE TM by Sarka

      Sarka's CARHOE TM Hard Car Unloader is proudly manufactured in Tiffin, Ohio, USA. It is specifically used for grains such as DDG and aggregate unloading. Our CARHOE TM system has been successfully field tested for years. It is quiet and has a low impact on the cars.

(Click here to view our CARHOE TM in action)

      Sarka custom builds every CARHOE TM. Our 25 year history will tell you why Sarka is your number one choice for all of your custom fabrication needs.

      Can a CARHOE TM help you unload your RR Cars?

      Contact us or call us at 419-447-4377. Sarka's
      CARHOE experts will answer your questions quickly
      and easily with no obligation.

"Sarka would like to build a CARHOE for you"
Todd Sarka, President