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      At Sarka, we design and build custom, automatically controlled operations for a wide variety of apparatus. Automation can replace burdensome tasks, increase efficiency and reduce safety risks.

      We develop custom, automated solutions for a wide variety of needs ranging from: PLC’s, Robotics, Material Handling/Conveyor systems, as well as updating older equipment, assembly and sorting for a wide variety of unique/special equipment & apparatus.

Sarka’s Automation Solutions provide:

  • Customization around your specific needs
  • Maximized efficiency, increased profits & ROI
  • Time savings
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Reduction in safety & WC issues

Let our Engineering staff discuss your needs, conduct a no obligation analysis and provide you with recommendations on how Sarka can best automate your equipment/apparatus.

You can trust the expertise and craftsmanship that Sarka provides on every automated system we design.

Our history proves Sarka is the partner you need. Contact us today for a personal analysis of your needs.